The Twits

  Walt:  Use descriptive language to hook the reader. 
The Twits
Mr Twit
Mr Twit is a revolting, disgusting and dastardly person or should I say creature?  Mr Twit has a beastly beard which hides many things, mostly left-over food which Mr Twit licks up whenever he is hungry.  Mr Twit makes something called Sticky Hug Tight Glue, the stickiest glue made in the world, every Wednesday Mrs Twit makes her bird pie, it doesn't matter what bird it is as long as its a bird, so what Mr Twit does is smears the Hug Tight all over the so called big dead tree and waits, then at sunset all of the birds near and far come to perch of the tree but when the birds want to leave they find them selves stuck, no matter how much might they use to get free there still stuck until the morning, Mr Twit comes along to the tree gets a basket places a tall ladder on the tree climbs up and takes all of the birds of the tree and gives them to Mrs Twit and  then there's some delicious bird pie for dinner!

Unfortunately Mr Twit doesn't not only hate children he's cruel to a family of monkeys everything those poor monkeys do is upside-down, here are some examples eating, drinking water, walking, standing, sleeping and many more. One terrible thing Mr Twit has in his time is putting a frog in Mrs Twits side of the bed. I'm not sure Mrs Twit would have liked that!

In conclusion I think Mr Twit is a horridly, disgusting person who is cruel and hates everything.
By Sofia 

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