Art Attack: Calendar Art

Calendar Art
This week the Kauri Team has been doing art. Here is what we did in year six:

What’s my goal?
WALT: Create an artist inspired piece of art.
Artist: Raewyn Harris

What did I learn to do?
I learned how to draw piece of art. I incorporated plants, leaves, korus and patterns.
I learned how to use complementary colours. These colours work well together and they are eye catching. Complementary colours are found opposite each other on the colour wheel.

If I did this art again I would use more colour and create more patterns.

I am really proud of my artwork. My favourite part is the koru because I used the light and dark version of the same colour.

Here is a photo of my calendar art:
By Sofia


WALT: To compose and create a rap (with beat if possible) about bullying.
The Process:
We looked at what is Hip Hop and the 4 elements of it. We watched some rap videos on bullying. We were given an environmental rap in groups and had to learn and perform it. We looked at how rap is composed, and wrote some rhyming couplets about school. We were given a page of rhyming words that could be used and started the process of creating a rap.

What is Hip Hop made up of? 
Hip Hop is made up of 4 elements, which are rap, break-dancing, D.J's (Disc Jockeys) & Beat-boxing. 

How did I go about achieving this?
I worked with my group and figured out what sounded good together and made up a rap which sounded really good.

What resources were used to help you?
The resources I used were listening to anti-bullying raps which Mr McCallum showed us and I also used a sheet with rhyming words which sounded good in a rap.

Did you go through the process on your own or collaborate with other people?
I worked in a group with two of my classmates.

How did you find the process?
I found the process pretty easy but at times my group and I couldn't think of any words which worked with what we had already wrote.

What did you enjoy most about the process of creating a rap?
The thing I enjoyed the most was reading through the rap and rapping it with my group because it sounded really good and it was a lot of fun.

What might be your next step?

I think my next step is to work on being more confident in front of a crowd and come up with more ideas for words.

Here is my groups rap:
I wake up every morning not wanting to go to school
All the kids tease me and think I'm a fool
Even when things are going wrong I have to be strong
People call me lots of names even though we are the same
Hey Mister Bully hear me plea just for once set me free
Nobody ever lends a hand if only someone would take a stand
I always cry if only someone would hear everyday you make me pay I just want it to go away.

By Sofia 

Maths: Multiplication

What’s my goal/WALT?
My WALT was....

WALT: Solve X using the Written Method on more challenging questions.

What have I learned?
I have learned how to to solve timetables using the written method, the highest question going up to 7615 x 6 (equals 45, 690). Which in point of view is a pretty big number!
The written method is a bit confusing at first but you get explained it is very easy to use and helpful.

What is my next learning step?
Be able to figure out questions like this using the written method just quicker and off by heart.
I would also like to be able to figure out even more difficult time tables such as:
x 8
which equals 95,424

Some photos of my working out using the written method:

I have learning to do this in Mr Hillary's Maths class.
By Sofia

Maths: Division

What’s my goal/WALT?

WALT: Identify the other symbol we can use to solve division.

What have I learned?
I have learned how to identify the other symbol I can use to solve division equations.
For example, 25÷5=5 but in this case I am I learning how to use long division. Here is how it  would look like using long division:

What is my next learning step?
My next learning step is to use long division more often when I am working out equations in my learning and be able to solve long division ranging between 50 and 10,000.  

A photo of my working out:

By Sofia

Koru Art

Here is my Koru Art I made on Explain Everything.


2017 Term 1 Goals & Steps (Updated)

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps
Name: Sofia

Parent Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
Focus on academics like maths.
Develop strategies to deal with anxiety.

Asking people for help in maths.
Asking the teacher for help and explaining it to me.
One or more of my friends to calm me down when I am anxious.
I have used multiple strategies like asking classmates and asking a teacher. I think I have definitely made progress with maths, I know this because I have used all of my strategies to help me out.

Work on vocabulary in Reading and Writing as well as carrying on with maths.

Student Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
I would like to improve on my maths mainly on fractions.

Asking if for help.
Getting someone to explain what I need to do.
Try a different way of solving the problem.
I improved my fractions over mathletics, maths worksheets and asking for help. I think have made progress with my fractions I know I’ve made progress in fractions because I have found fractions easier since I have used strategies I’ve learned.

Measure time and the attributes of objects, choosing appropriate standard units.

A Moment in Time

WALT write ‘a moment in time’ piece of writing.
Creatures From the Deep   
What's happening!?

I see tremendous tentacles thrashing buildings, people all over the place, buildings missing huge chunks with bent metal wires and power wires sparking at the ends.   Apartment windows smashed. Cars crushed or turned over even both, faces filled with absolute horror, fear, shock and tears.

I can hear cries for help and shock everywhere, some fading away as screams of sirens rush closer and closer to save lives in need, car sirens bleeping nonstop but nobody seems to notice them.

I smell the horrific sent from the gigantic creature from the deep, sweat from people running to stay safe.

I feel unsafe because that tremendous creature could strike again at any moment, shocked, why wouldn’t you be shocked when you had witnessed the most horrific thing you’ll probably see in your entire life, confused how did this creature get here? Tired like a person who has been running marathon and you’ll never finish.

I can taste sweat dripping from my head, nose and lip, blood from cuts all over my face, water from rain dripping down my whole body.

Wherever this creature from the deep came from I know it was a wretched place.  

By Sofia

Run Bike Run Poem

WALT use poetic verse to recount an event we participated in.

The Run Bike Run event was usual enough; it had the
Running track, the Biking course , the red flags, the non-stop running, and even the green grass.
My friends, my classmates and I did what kids do -  
 Drank tons of water,
Ate food to give us energy,
Cheered for people doing the final laps in their race,
Played games while we waited for our turn to Run and Bike,
Dazed  in the bright yellow sun to warm us up,
And warmed up for our challenging races,

 Doing  running nonstop, dazing in the warmth of the sun.
based on the poem “The Town” by James K Baxter

Term 1 2017 Goals

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps
Name: Sofia
Parent Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
Focus on academics like maths.
Develop strategies to deal with anxiety.

Asking people for help in maths.
Asking the teacher for help and explaining it to me.
One or more of my friends to calm me down when I am anxious.

Student Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
I would like to improve on my maths mainly on fractions.

Asking if for help.
Getting someone to explain what I need to do.
Try a different way of solving the problem.

Multicultural Week blog post

This week I have participated actively in a range of learning experience around ‘Multicultural week’

WHAT: I was involved in a range of learning experiences for Multicultural week. I did a really fun activity called Spring where you make a Chinese letter using paper.

I learnt that 63 New Zealand's can fit in Russia.
I enjoyed the Chinese jellybean activity where we had to use chopsticks to pick up things. I also picked up a marble.
I was most fascinated by The Dead Sea in Israel and Jordan. The reason it is called the Dead Sea is because it’s so salty that no sea animals live there.

A question I have is….

How long do teenagers stay in the army in Israel?

Pet Day

Pet Day 
Walt : Describe our Pet Day.   S.C : Make the reader understand my feelings about Pet Day.

It was Pet Day at Oaklands School on the 25 November 2016, There was lots of animals mostly dogs I bought my dog along, Marley. Marley is between a miniature and standard Schnauzer, Marley will be turning 6 next year in April. Unfortunately when I was walking Marley around the field it started raining. Luckily There were more pets inside the hall. My favourite animal was probably the German Shepard because it kept on licking me on the nose! The coolest and strangest animal for me was the Lizard because it felt bumpy, rough but also smooth, it was also really still. The biggest animal was Mrs Trotter's German Shepard, Vinnie. I think Pet Day was tons of fun and very enjoyable.
By Sofia

The Twits

  Walt:  Use descriptive language to hook the reader. 
The Twits
Mr Twit
Mr Twit is a revolting, disgusting and dastardly person or should I say creature?  Mr Twit has a beastly beard which hides many things, mostly left-over food which Mr Twit licks up whenever he is hungry.  Mr Twit makes something called Sticky Hug Tight Glue, the stickiest glue made in the world, every Wednesday Mrs Twit makes her bird pie, it doesn't matter what bird it is as long as its a bird, so what Mr Twit does is smears the Hug Tight all over the so called big dead tree and waits, then at sunset all of the birds near and far come to perch of the tree but when the birds want to leave they find them selves stuck, no matter how much might they use to get free there still stuck until the morning, Mr Twit comes along to the tree gets a basket places a tall ladder on the tree climbs up and takes all of the birds of the tree and gives them to Mrs Twit and  then there's some delicious bird pie for dinner!

Unfortunately Mr Twit doesn't not only hate children he's cruel to a family of monkeys everything those poor monkeys do is upside-down, here are some examples eating, drinking water, walking, standing, sleeping and many more. One terrible thing Mr Twit has in his time is putting a frog in Mrs Twits side of the bed. I'm not sure Mrs Twit would have liked that!

In conclusion I think Mr Twit is a horridly, disgusting person who is cruel and hates everything.
By Sofia 

Role Model Research

             Irene van Dyk

By Sofia

Irene van Dyk is one of the many people who make an excellent role model for today’ s children, by persevering and never giving up when she is playing netball.

Irene was born in 1972 in South-Africa on the 21 June . Irene was a teacher, she worked with primary and intermediate schools. Irene van Dyk’s South African career was her debut for the South-African side in 1994 and went on to captain the side and represent them 72 times. She was part of the silver medal winning for the South-African team who bet New Zealand 59-57 in the first round of the 1995 Netball World Championships and lost 68-48 to Australia in the final.Irene’s New Zealand career, since moving to New Zealand van Dyk’s game grew , with improvements in her ball handling / security, movement, spacial awareness and strength.

Irene van Dyk inspires me to play netball as well as believe in myself and never give up even when it’s tough. Irene van Dyk is my role model because she is known for her amazing goal shoot as well as captaining the Silver Ferns. But Irene van Dyk is my role model is because she is known world wide.

Process Essay

How to Wash a Small Dog in a Shower
By Sofia 
Ever wondered how to wash your dog when their really dirty? Well then you’re reading the right Steps to wash a dog , when you finish washing your dog they’ll be the fluffiest dog in the world! Here’s how:

What you will need :
  1. Your dog (obviously!)
  2. Soap
  3. Person
  4. Towel
  5. Treats (for luring your dog into the bathroom)
  6. Hair dryer

Step 1 : Get your towel & soap ready in the shower then get your dog in the shower. If your dog don’t want to get in try luring them with a treat to the bathroom then quickly close the door . Then give the treat .

Step 2 : Turn on the shower and make sure the water isn’t too hot so your dog doesn’t get burned  then get your hands wet and rub them with the soap. Then rub your dog everywhere  ( make sure you don’t get any soap in their eyes .)

Step 3 : Wash out the soap and make sure you rub your dog while you do this to get any excess soap out.

Step 4 : Get your towel ( make sure its a old towel which is not too rough but not too soft. So you have towels which DON’T smell like dogs. ) and dry your dog ( dogs do shake a lot after their shower so try to get the towel on them as soon as possible ) after that use a hair dryer  to dry them some more . let your dog shake a bit, but  not to much .

My Steps of How To Wash a Small Dog might sound hard but it’s really simple when you finish washing your dog.

Why should pigeons not drive buses.

Why should pigeons not drive a bus. 
Walt: Persuade the reader to agree with my opinion. 
 Why should the pigeon not drive the bus? 
I think the pigeon shouldn't drive the bus because:

Firstly: He might be to short. 
Secondly: He doesn't know how to drive. 
Thirdly: The pigeon doesn't have a drivers licence.
Fourthly: He hasn't gone to driving school.

But I think the pigeon should get a chance to drive a bus because everybody has dreams & I think everybody should have a chance to do what they dream of.  But still if you went into a bus with a pigeon driving it what would you think?

Then again the bus driver could lose his job against the pigeon.  Why should the pigeon drive the bus:
Firstly: Animals are intelligent especially birds!
Secondly: The pigeon wants to achieve his dreams of becoming a bus driver.
In conclusion what do you think? 
By Sofia 

Intergrated Learning : Treehouse

WALT: Persuade the school to agree with our idea.

We have made a model of a tree house.  We put tons of thought into our work.  We think we should have a tree house because in the new school people would have fun working up in the tree house. We have made a model of a tree house. We thought  about the safety long and hard. We tried to make everything stable and safe. We thought this idea would be fantastic to have in the new school.

We think the school should have a tree house because it’s fun, can remove energy and can be the coolest thing ever! We have been working on a model of the tree house and hopefully we have it in the school.

By Devon, Holly and Sofia

Here are some photos of our project:
Photos by Holly and Sofia :D

08.09. 16
Dear Mrs Trotter  
WALT : Persuade the reader to agree with my opinion.
I am writing because I think we should have rope play areas in the Oaklands Rebuild because it would be fun for people to play on. Personally if I was here when the school was rebuilt I would love something like that in school. I also have some other ideas for the School.

Idea 1 :  Rope play area
Dear Mrs Trotter,
I think we should have rope play areas because people would have tons of fun. On the other hand people could fall through the holes or fall off the ropes if someone is jumping on the rope.            
How can we resolve this?
We can resolve this by :
  1. Have rules
  • Limited amounts of people on the rope area
  • No bouncing/jumping
No ball tag & play fighting   
2. Consequences
If somebody disobeys the rules they will need to e.g. give up some of their play time.

Idea 2 : Tyre huts
Dear Mrs Trotter,
I think we should have tyre huts because if it were raining and inside the classroom it was noisy, the sensible people or people with passes to go in would only be allowed inside. On the other hand people could disobey the rules ( if we have any ) while their inside.
Cost :
How much would it cost?
We could raise money by doing bake sales and other things.

Back to the rules..
How can we resolve this if somebody is disobeying the rules :
I think we should have a max of 4 people in the hut because it would get crowded.
I hope you liked my writing!
By Sofia