Role Model Research

             Irene van Dyk

By Sofia

Irene van Dyk is one of the many people who make an excellent role model for today’ s children, by persevering and never giving up when she is playing netball.

Irene was born in 1972 in South-Africa on the 21 June . Irene was a teacher, she worked with primary and intermediate schools. Irene van Dyk’s South African career was her debut for the South-African side in 1994 and went on to captain the side and represent them 72 times. She was part of the silver medal winning for the South-African team who bet New Zealand 59-57 in the first round of the 1995 Netball World Championships and lost 68-48 to Australia in the final.Irene’s New Zealand career, since moving to New Zealand van Dyk’s game grew , with improvements in her ball handling / security, movement, spacial awareness and strength.

Irene van Dyk inspires me to play netball as well as believe in myself and never give up even when it’s tough. Irene van Dyk is my role model because she is known for her amazing goal shoot as well as captaining the Silver Ferns. But Irene van Dyk is my role model is because she is known world wide.

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