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How to Wash a Small Dog in a Shower
By Sofia 
Ever wondered how to wash your dog when their really dirty? Well then you’re reading the right Steps to wash a dog , when you finish washing your dog they’ll be the fluffiest dog in the world! Here’s how:

What you will need :
  1. Your dog (obviously!)
  2. Soap
  3. Person
  4. Towel
  5. Treats (for luring your dog into the bathroom)
  6. Hair dryer

Step 1 : Get your towel & soap ready in the shower then get your dog in the shower. If your dog don’t want to get in try luring them with a treat to the bathroom then quickly close the door . Then give the treat .

Step 2 : Turn on the shower and make sure the water isn’t too hot so your dog doesn’t get burned  then get your hands wet and rub them with the soap. Then rub your dog everywhere  ( make sure you don’t get any soap in their eyes .)

Step 3 : Wash out the soap and make sure you rub your dog while you do this to get any excess soap out.

Step 4 : Get your towel ( make sure its a old towel which is not too rough but not too soft. So you have towels which DON’T smell like dogs. ) and dry your dog ( dogs do shake a lot after their shower so try to get the towel on them as soon as possible ) after that use a hair dryer  to dry them some more . let your dog shake a bit, but  not to much .

My Steps of How To Wash a Small Dog might sound hard but it’s really simple when you finish washing your dog.

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