Why should pigeons not drive buses.

Why should pigeons not drive a bus. 
Walt: Persuade the reader to agree with my opinion. 
 Why should the pigeon not drive the bus? 
I think the pigeon shouldn't drive the bus because:

Firstly: He might be to short. 
Secondly: He doesn't know how to drive. 
Thirdly: The pigeon doesn't have a drivers licence.
Fourthly: He hasn't gone to driving school.

But I think the pigeon should get a chance to drive a bus because everybody has dreams & I think everybody should have a chance to do what they dream of.  But still if you went into a bus with a pigeon driving it what would you think?

Then again the bus driver could lose his job against the pigeon.  Why should the pigeon drive the bus:
Firstly: Animals are intelligent especially birds!
Secondly: The pigeon wants to achieve his dreams of becoming a bus driver.
In conclusion what do you think? 
By Sofia 

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