Pet Day

Pet Day 
Walt : Describe our Pet Day.   S.C : Make the reader understand my feelings about Pet Day.

It was Pet Day at Oaklands School on the 25 November 2016, There was lots of animals mostly dogs I bought my dog along, Marley. Marley is between a miniature and standard Schnauzer, Marley will be turning 6 next year in April. Unfortunately when I was walking Marley around the field it started raining. Luckily There were more pets inside the hall. My favourite animal was probably the German Shepard because it kept on licking me on the nose! The coolest and strangest animal for me was the Lizard because it felt bumpy, rough but also smooth, it was also really still. The biggest animal was Mrs Trotter's German Shepard, Vinnie. I think Pet Day was tons of fun and very enjoyable.
By Sofia

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