A Moment in Time

WALT write ‘a moment in time’ piece of writing.
Creatures From the Deep   
What's happening!?

I see tremendous tentacles thrashing buildings, people all over the place, buildings missing huge chunks with bent metal wires and power wires sparking at the ends.   Apartment windows smashed. Cars crushed or turned over even both, faces filled with absolute horror, fear, shock and tears.

I can hear cries for help and shock everywhere, some fading away as screams of sirens rush closer and closer to save lives in need, car sirens bleeping nonstop but nobody seems to notice them.

I smell the horrific sent from the gigantic creature from the deep, sweat from people running to stay safe.

I feel unsafe because that tremendous creature could strike again at any moment, shocked, why wouldn’t you be shocked when you had witnessed the most horrific thing you’ll probably see in your entire life, confused how did this creature get here? Tired like a person who has been running marathon and you’ll never finish.

I can taste sweat dripping from my head, nose and lip, blood from cuts all over my face, water from rain dripping down my whole body.

Wherever this creature from the deep came from I know it was a wretched place.  

By Sofia

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