The Journal of Jack Simpson , ANZAC Medic

Shrapnel Valley, Gallipoli

15 May 1915

The gunshots are getting louder and louder.  Rescuing the

injured and wounded soldiers is getting harder and harder.

Duffy and I have made about 65 journeys up the hills to help

the wounded soldiers in the last week.

The ANZAC’s have been doing great but unfortunately

thousands of casualties have died.  5 of my old school friends

were close to death but they have survived and got taken on

the boat to Lemnos Island where the Australians have made a

hospital for the injured soldiers.

The food is so bland you can barely taste it!  In the night you

can hear the cries for help everywhere and it always smells

like gun smoke.  When Duffy and I go to see if there are

wounded we climb the razorback ridges and watch the fighting

in the gullies.

I always feel homesick which makes me cry every night

because I miss my family so much. I ask myself “when will

this wretched war end?”


  1. I like how you ended your writing by saying when will this wretched war end.

  2. Sofia I love the descriptive writing you have used, it all seems very real. Well done.